Let’s Talk About Love

Today is the most recognized day to celebrate love.

What a present we are granted today, another chance to express our love to those we care about.

We see the reminders everywhere, the tv, the social media, signs and all the radios and podcasts.

I do have a little opinion about it.

Why are we waiting for this day to celebrate and show affection to those we love and care about?

Why not yesterday or the day before? Or the day before that?

Or the day we had the little disagreements or a little fight?

If he’s still out there poking folks with his pointy little arrows, those are the days I feel St.Valentine would feel the most appreciated and celebrated

Love is to be shared and recognized everyday!

Yes, some days we do better than other days, but…

Imagine how wonderful the world can be if we remember to treat our loved ones like its Valentine’s day everyday, more or less, but everyday?

Imagine having little to no regrets when our loved ones cross the rainbows, or when we are about to take that ride over the rainbows ourselves.

Speaking from personal experiences as I sit here writing this “love” letter to you.

I have loved and loss, there were words unspoken, love unexpressed, song unsung and in some case…

The haunting hell of regrets.

After the year that I had to say goodbye to my uncle, my cousins, my little sister then my father and two months after that, my late husband, I promised myself to never let anything stop me from resolving any issues I have with my loved ones.

Whatever it is, I will do my best to communicate and work with them if they so choose to allow it.

Because in the end, sometimes all we really have left of our loved ones are memories of shared moments, or the little memento that may bring us back to those once shared memories, even just for a little while…

Who are you going to reach out to? Who do you know that can use some extra love and care?

TODAY is always the right day.

With love,


PS. I have some exciting news coming up soon! Stay tuned!

I met a few giant Ents on my vacation!

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